Opening Day and Updates

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Opening Day and Updates

Galveston Island CrossFit Tidal Wave Just a few updates on our Opening day and a couple of reoccurring question I receive.

  • Tentative Opening day is January 7th. This is still reliant on several factors, so PLEASE call ahead/email/twitter/Facebook/Google+/Manta/Pinterest me to ensure that we are in fact open and that you are familiar with how particular schedule functions.  I can not stress enough that this is in fact a TENTATIVE date.
  • Sorry folks. We do not have showers YET. They are our first on our list of additions.
  • We were recently listed in the BizBuzz in the Galveston Daily News. *Humble Brag*
  • We do have a Children’s room, but it is not manned child care.
  • We are open six days a week and the schedule of classes is not set in stone yet. We are striving to have the class times that meet the needs of our members. CrossFit is as much about building a community of support as well as sweating, so we are doing our best to minimize under utilized class times.  In that same regard we are also open to adding additional class times if our classes fill up.
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