Hang Cleans and Push Jerks

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Hang Cleans and Push Jerks

Galveston CrossFit Strength Workout (SWOD) 5x 3 Hang Power Clean (60, 65, 70, 75, 85%)   Coach Tips: To achieve the power output you are looking for out of the clean, you have to make sure you’re utilizing the most powerful extensors in the body. How do you do that? Get in a good hang position with the hamstrings and glutes engaged. This results in an efficiently-recruited posterior chain and you’re set up to produce maximal force. To get into the hang position, hinge your hips backwards until the hamstrings are good and taught. A common mistake is to bend the knees as if you are sitting down, which just ends up pushing the knees forward. Don’t sit down. Push your butt back instead. Sitting down pulls recruitment away from the hamstrings and puts the majority of the work load on the quadriceps. That’s not what you want. Workout of the Day (WOD) 3 Rounds for Time 15 Deadlifts (135/85) 12 Hang Cleans 9 Front Squats 6 Push Jerks front squat]]>

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