Happy 1 Year CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston

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Happy 1 Year CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston

This Tuesday CrossFit Tidal Wave will celebrate it’s 1 Year Anniversary. Galveston CrossFit It’s hard to believe a year could fly by so quickly, yet here we are…older, wiser, FITTER, and lucky/blessed beyond belief. We’ve seen incredible growth in membership, folks making awe inspiring progress towards their goals, and new and exciting classes facility changes like the lifting platform and the remodeling . However, it’s the faces that walk through the door each and every day that have made the past year at CrossFit Tidal Wave so special. We always say the biggest challenge is just walking through the door? It’s so exciting yet terrifying all at the same time. You see sweat-covered members leaving with looks of pride on their faces, and the nervous grins on the faces of the members warming up for their turn at the day’s challenge. You notice the sounds of laughter and cheering mixed in with the “thunk” of plates being returned to their racks as music plays in the background.  The sense of community among the members and the pride they have for their box is in the air. It’s an experience most people could never imagine having about a gym and one of the reasons new faces are constantly flowing through the door to try out this fitness revolution for themselves at the place we call CrossFit Tidal Wave. CrossFit Tidal Wave Holiday Social in Galveston Texas How was the first year? Incredible…just incredible.  It has been nothing but amazing. So many people ask me if I ever imagined Tidal Wave being so successful in its first year. Sure! I imagined it. I visualized it.  I also imagined what it would be like if it failed, too. I’ll be honest with you…it was scary in the beginning! There were many sleepless nights. CrossFit in Galveston Tidal Wave 3 But, in the end, the fear of not sharing CrossFit with the Galveston area was a way scarier proposition. Taylor and I knew we had to do it. Getting started was an adventure unto itself. So many things all came together to make it happen.  Months of preparation, speed bumps, business meetings, more meetings, and finally signing the lease on what would be the next phase of our lives. We knew instantly that our folks were enjoying themselves, getting results, and telling their friends.  Before we knew it we  needed more room! Beach WODs were getting huge, classes were maxing out, and members were making amazing changes! The word was out and everyone was dragging in friends and family so that they could experience it for themselves. MistleToes 2 Bar at CrossFit Tidal Wave Galveston Texas We are people of all ages, all skill levels, and all walks of life and before I knew it we were like my family. Everyone would show up, and as a team, conquer their fears and support each other and help each other make it through each and every WOD!  On any given day you can walk in our box and see a soccer mom yelling at the top of her lungs at a Police officer… YOU GOT THIS! I love it! It’s something special to watch. I can’t even express how amazing it is to be a part of something so special…so rewarding. CrossFit in Galveston Tidal Wave It’s funny. People ask me all the time about our success. How did you do it? Honestly, I measure success on the results our clients are getting. If I see someone improve by a couple of seconds on their “Fran” time…we are successful! When I see someone climb the rope for the first time in their life and they bounce up and down because they NEVER thought they could do it…we are successful! When I see folks that, a year ago were having trouble making it through a WOD, setting a goal to compete in CrossFit Competitions…we are successful! Don’t get me wrong. I’m thrilled that we have over 150 members, but CrossFit is about changing lives. We do that! We do that, daily! That makes us successful! The amazing thing is that the more we focused on helping others change their lives the more CrossFit Tidal Wave changed my life! Recently, a lot of people have asked me where CrossFit Tidal Wave goes from here. I don’t have an exact number, or building size, or member count that determines where we want to be. Taylor and I just focus on helping people change their lives. One at a time, two at a time, five at a time, or fifty at a time! CrossFit Tidal Wave Finally, I just want to say thank you, again, to everyone that has been a part of this amazing journey called CrossFit Tidal Wave. CrossFit WORKS! It really is the most effective program I have ever experienced. Don’t get me wrong…just signing up won’t get you in shape. You have to commit to it! I will say this, though. If you stay consistent, work hard, push yourself past to your limits, listen to your coaches, and count every rep…you will achieve more than you ever imagined! You’ve all made this the journey of a lifetime…OUR journey of a lifetime…each and every one of us! We all have so much to look forward to over the NEXT 365 days! Thank you to everyone that ever walked through our door and gave your all! Thank your to everyone that supported Taylor and I through out this life changing endeavor. Members of CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston, TX from CrossFit Tidal Wave on Vimeo.    Shaun McCrary]]>

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