In House CrossFit Competition Galveston

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In House CrossFit Competition Galveston

Galveston CrossFItGalveston CrossFitIn House CrossFit Competition Galveston There will be 6 divisions RX Male/Female RX Male/Male RX Female/Female Scaled Male/Female Scaled Male/Male Scaled Female/Female Super Scaled: Male. Female, Coed WOD 3 For Time: 15-20-25 Synchro Burpee over Bar Thrusters 115/75 (75/55) (55/35) C2B (pull-up) (super scaled: Abmats) Burpees will be done side by side as Bar facing Burpees on one bar. Chest must both be on ground at same time. Thrusters and Pull-ups Abmats can be done by either partner, and switching at any point is allowed. WOD 2 6 Min Each Partner Establish a max of complex : Clean + Front Squat + Jerk Squat or Power is allowed on Clean Push or Split Jerk is allowed as long as feet are reestablished. Movement is not Complete until Judge says ” Good Rep” Super Scaled: Range of Motion limitations will be taken into account. WOD 1- AMRAP 8 10 Cal Row 10 Toes to Bar (scaled and super Scaled Knee Raises) Partners may switch however they choose. Partner B must have feet inside the straps and handle set before Partner A can jump to bar and begin T2B. Toes 2 Bar- both feet must touch at the same time inside hands, and feet must pass through the rig with arms extended at bottom of movement. Rower must be reset to zero every 10 Cal. Knee Raises (knees above hips, and feet must pass behind the rig on bottom of movement) In House CrossFit Competition Galveston]]>

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