Kelley Delesandri : Member of the Month

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Kelley Delesandri : Member of the Month

11778057_10106459941612100_1918190741_n CrossFit Tidal Wave would like to honor one of hour original members with the August member Spotlight ! So, what brought you to CrossFit Tidal Wave/Mainland?  When I moved back to Galveston in 2013, I had been Crossfitting since 2008 in Austin and Houston. I was really disappointed that Galveston didn’t have a box until I heard that Taylor was planning to open one. I didn’t know him well at the time, but I stalked him for about 2 months until Tidal Wave finally opened. I think I was one of the first members! 11798103_10106459941307710_274355479_n  What made you stay? Leaving never crossed my mind, but I guess I would say the people. I love the friends I’ve made and bond we share. How long have you been CrossFitting? I went to my first Crossfit workout in 2008 under a bridge in Austin. I’ve been members of different boxes ever since. What are some of your goals? Currently, to get faster. My enthusiasm about “competing” has varied through the years, and right now I just want to run and finish WODs faster. I would also like to someday make a return to the 6 am class  Have they been met? Not yet 11793404_10106459939935460_383716031_n Best lifts? Wine to mouth? Just kidding…….Deadlift. 11798483_10106459941462400_640316223_n Benefits you have noticed? I think Taylor put it best to my sister when he said, “If Kelley didn’t Crossfit I think she would be 600 lbs.” Everyone knows that I love to eat and have a good time. Crossfit keeps me young and fitting into my clothes. What do you do out there in the real world? I am currently a Relationship Manager for American Express Global Business Travel. My home is my office but I’m on the road a lot. Sorry, Shaun! Your favorite WOD? Any kind of Chipper 11749639_10106459941666990_695730770_n (1) Biggest CrossFit Accomplishment? I enrolled in a real competition and didn’t die. Any changes to brag about? I’m definitely not sure I should be bragging about anything.. Anything else to add? I think the best kept secret about Crossfit and what’s kept me with it for years is has nothing to do with my fitness abilities. Crossfit is my stress release. Life is tough, work is stressful, and we all have our own battles to fight. When I’m in the middle of a workout, I’m not thinking about anything else except getting through the next movement, breathing, and racing the clock. Sometimes when I walk in and see the WOD on the board, I want to turn around and walk out because I’m thinking there’s  no way I can do that, but I’ve never left or quit. In fact, I love how the whole class is in it together and in the past 7 years I’ve never seen a person quit a WOD. After doing a WOD like Fran, my work inbox doesn’t seem so bad. If I can do 45 thrusters, surely I can get through 45 emails? You get the point. 11798455_10106459941108110_1462073550_n]]>

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