Ladies Boot Camp Slim Program Galveston

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Ladies Boot Camp Slim Program Galveston

Each session of our Miss-Fit Program has an overall theme for the 6 weeks. With the Summer coming up quickly the next 6 weeks will be focused on getting us leaner and getting our cardio up ! [caption id="attachment_7812" align="aligncenter" width="480"] We are SUPER SERIOUS HERE ! NO FUN EVER ![/caption] Miss-Fit Training: A ladies only fitness class designed for those that are interested in the metabolism boosting conditioning aspects of CrossFit but aren’t nearly as interested in the Barbell work or Olympic lifts. [caption id="attachment_7850" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Pat’s crushing the Sled ![/caption] The program is designed to meet the unique conditioning needs of the female trainee looking to get a great cardio workout while simultaneously getting an awesome full body workout. This program  also doubles as an amazing starting platform to progress to regular CrossFit training if the trainee so chooses. Q: When is it? A:  April 10th 6pm M,T,Th Q: How much is it and what does it cover? A: The course is $225 for the 6 Week session. This covers the nutrition counseling, the 2 Body Scans for BodyFat % (Normally $40 a piece), the Success Book, Grocery List as well as the Private Facebook Information Group.    Q: If I already participate in CrossFit should I do this class? A: You can for a $5 per class drop in fee, but realize this is a stand alone program that is not on the same programming schedule as regular CrossFit classes.  So bouncing back and forth could potentially set you up for over training. Q: Do I have to already be in shape to do this? A: Absolutely not! Our program is designed to meet the needs of our absolute beginners all the way to our most experienced trainees. Every workout and movement can be scaled to your individual needs. Q: I have a bad knee/back/etc….Can I still participate? A: Any movement can be replaced or regressed to meet your individual needs. Q: Is this indoors? A: Yes. The class will be held predominantly indoors at CrossFit Tidal Wave. Classes are rain or shine. Q: How is this different than a regular bootcamp? A: The Miss-Fit program is a systemized way to develop your core stability, cardio, as well toning your muscle. Each week builds on the next so that you can track your progress. You will also receive a Nutrition Guide and access to our online facebook support group. Q: Do you have showers? A: Yes we do! The deadline to register (Under our Prices page) is April 9th! [inbound_button font_size=”20″ color=”#c8232b” text_color=”#ffffff” icon=”” url=”” width=”” target=”_self”]Spots are going Fast![/inbound_button]]]>

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