Ladies Only Fitness Class in Galveston

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Ladies Only Fitness Class in Galveston

020315_MissFit-6257 CrossFit Tidal Wave just kicked out it’s first session of our Miss-Fit training program. This is a ladies only program that is geared toward those either not interested in working with barbells and heavier weights or interested in developing a foundation to potentially transition into CrossFit classes regularly. 020315_MissFit-6262 The training methodology behind Miss-Fit is as follows: 1. We do just enough to get you fit….not beat into the ground. 2. We help our clients build a base before progressing them to more difficult movements. 3. We alternate high intensity workouts with lower intensity recovery workouts. 4. We modify exercises based on the individual needs of clients. 5. We make sure that everything we do in class has a purpose, a progression and regression, and is preparing the client for another exercise, an everyday task, or both. 020315_MissFit-6350 The classes are currently taught by our two certified instructors: Coach Kara Mullins akara coach picand Trainer Marisa Martinez marisa finish gauntlet These ladies both create a supportive and motivating environment to keep this classes both fun and effective. The exercises are based around movements that flow from the core to the extremities. While we do quite a bit of direct core work EVERY exercise we do utilizes the core. Galveston CrossFit We are looking to begin our next session early March so stay tuned for details. 020315_MissFit-6290 020315_MissFit-6291 020315_MissFit-6293 020315_MissFit-6344]]>

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