Michael Varela Jr: Athlete Spotlight

So, what brought you to CrossFit Tidal Wave? * My parents actually were begging me to come for the longest. After sustaining a few injuries from running, I decided to give it a shot, and I’ve been here ever since. What made you stay? * The crossfit community as a whole is what kept me coming back. It’s nice to have an awesome support system every time you walk into the box. How long have you been CrossFitting? * February 2016, I will make 2 years at Crossfit Tidal wave. What are some of your goals? * I love that crossfit incorporates Olympic lifts into its programming, so I try and get better at all of the technical lifts, and I’m always striving for the next PR. I may one day do a competition, maybe. lol. Have they been met? * Absolutely!!! I have come a long way since I walked in the door the first time and hammered out those 4 pull-ups. I always try to set achievable goals, hit my mark, and set new ones. Best lifts? * I’m sure you guys have never heard this answer, but it has to be the power clean and the power snatch. To be honest, these may not be my best lifts, but they’re definitely my favorite. Benefits you have noticed? * Strength and endurance definitely, but my mobility has improved tremendously, and to me, I notice that in all my walks of life. What do you do out there in the real world? * I work for the Galveston Fire Department. I have been a fireman for 14 years and I work downtown at Central Fire Station. Your favorite WOD? * The “MURPH”. Nuff said. “Fran” is a close second. Biggest CrossFit Accomplishment? * Every time I finish a WOD and everyone’s handing out high fives, and we take that 8am revolution pic, I think we all feel like we just accomplished a huge goal. Any changes to brag about? * It’s really not my style to brag on myself, but I will brag on some people that mean the world to me, and that’s my parents. Michael Varela Sr. and Stella Varela are beasts in the gym. It’s inspiring to watch these two workout, and to see how far they both have come. Anything else to add? Big props to all the crossfit coaches, Taylor, Dustin, Danny, and Shaun. I’m honored to have been chosen for the member of the month.  They are the most comfortable shirts to work out in. That is all.]]>

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