Mindset in CrossFit

What is your Mindset? Galveston CrossFit Much of the time our mindset and perception of a situation turns into our experience of that same situation. Take a moment to think about your mindset about changing the foods you eat, what you drink, and how you take care of yourself for the next few minutes. Do you think it is going to be hard? Are you telling yourself, “There is no possible way I can give up X!” Are you already counting the days until you can “eat whatever you want?” Are you focused on what you “can’t” have? OR Are you excited about what you will learn about yourself during this time? Are you thinking about what new foods/recipes you can try? Are you focused on improved health and well being? Do you think about the abundance of whole, unprocessed foods you are choosing to eat? Galveston Gym The two different lists of questions are very different and it is likely if your self-talk and perception of the situation is the first list, you are setting yourself to  not fully experience all of the benefits of your training. On the flip side what would happen if your self-talk and mental perception looked more like the second list? The good news is we all have the ability to change/choose our self-talk and mental perceptions. Start to notice the things that you are telling yourself and if they are helping you move forward in achieving your health and fitness goals or hindering your progress. Choose positive self-talk and envision yourself as the healthy person you deserve to be. The mind is a powerful tool. I know it seems a little simplistic to state that but it can not be ignored. If you think you will succeed or fail….you are right. Is your mental state helping you or your biggest hurdle?]]>

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