Paleo Challenge Winners!

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“I went into this challenge a little nervous, kind of weird seeing as how my profession is all about food, but none the less the butterflies were there. And the questions that were in the back of my head, “Will I still be able to hit new PR’s while doing this paleo’ish thing?”, “Am I just going to be hungry all the time?”, “How much is this going to suck?”. To prep myself I actually started logging EVERYTHING I was eating about a week or so before the challenge and had started cutting out a few things like Alcohol and bread. I realized quickly what was going wrong with my diet already.
So it began, and the first week was as difficult as i thought it would be. We had been rolling out a few new things in the restaurant, the smells of new fresh breads being baked less than 20 yards from me and challa buns being toasted with a butter spread right under my nose are a couple of examples enough to drive anyone slightly mad. But after the first week it got easier and i kept getting stronger. My workouts felt better the cleaner I ate and the closer I got to my macros. Cardio was getting easier, burpees were even getting easier, and before i knew it i had dropped 10 lbs! When I saw that number on the scale it only strengthened my resolve and in the coming weeks I’d drop another 5.2 lbs. This was a great eye opening experience and really answered the questions I always had but never really asked out loud. Now i’m aware of what I really need to do to do to continue drop the weight. I’m even considering going gluten free’ish permanently! “
and Chris Dunn “Chris Dunn- No matter how the challenge turns out, I want to thank you Shaun McCrary! I have struggled with my weight for years. I’ve tried different types of training and nothing helped. It didn’t help because I never corrected my horrible diet. Listening to you and making simple, but huge changes in my diet was the missing piece. This is how much weight I’ve lost (18 lbs)! Seeing the numbers on the scale is nice, holding it in my hands makes it real and motivates me to keep going! Again THANK YOU! “]]>

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