Pause Squats and Goblet Lunges

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Pause Squats and Goblet Lunges

SWOD Back Squat at CrossFit Tidal Wave in Galveston Texas Strength Workout (SWOD) A1. 4 x 3 1 Sec Pause Back Squats (60,70,80, 85%) A2. 3 x 8 Hammer Curls (1/2/1 tempo) Instead of worrying about weight or time, focus on your breathing.  Squat all the way down with (initially) very light weight.  Tense your abs hard.  Exhale completely.  Inhale completely.  Repeat for 5-10 breaths.  Move up in weight.  Again, focus on inhaling and exhaling COMPLETELY.  As soon as the depth of your breath suffers, it’s because you’re too weak to keep full thoracic extension without the aid of intra-abdominal pressure (and consequently you can’t inhale as deeply because the volume of your thoracic cavity is decreased), or your abdominal musculature (rectus abdominis, transverse abdominus, obliques) isn’t strong enough to brace while you exhale (if you find yourself unable to exhale fully). Drop back about 5% from that point and do 2-3 sets of 5-10 breaths before you do your heavy sets (fewer breaths and not as close to failure – using it more as an activation drill), after your heavy sets (more breaths – make it more challenging), or on an off day (scale the difficulty to whether you’d doing it for extra work or active recovery).  To progress, increase breaths until you hit a goal number, then increase weight slowly over time.  Quality matters MUCH more than weight. Workout of the Day (WOD) 1 Rounds for Time SPRINT !!!!! 25 Wall Balls (30/20) 50 Goblet Lunge Steps (35/26) 25 Wall Balls *If the  ball touches the ground during the set you must start that set over goblet lunge]]>

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