Push Press and Jump Squats

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Push Press and Jump Squats

CrossFit Tidal Wave CrossFit Tidal Wave Class haley Leg Raises oh lunges This week we are shifting into our deload week with slightly higher rep ranges with intentionally lighter weights with shorter MetCons. This is done to keep volume moderate but to allow adequate rest with a decreased intensity to allow CNS recovery. Week 1 – High Volume Week 2 – Medium Volume Week 3 – VERY High Volume Week 4 – Deload The deload week uses three sets of five reps for each exercise at 40-60% of 1RM – very few reps and very light loads. The intent is to preserve the neuromuscular pathways of lifting without actually breaking down muscle (the usual intent of strength training). Top competitor Blair Morrison also uses deload weeks. Morrison trains 1-on/1-off for 3 weeks and then takes a week of recovery. His training days include up to three workouts. Morrison says, “I can go really hard in all those workouts because I know I have the next day as a rest day. A deload is NOT simply a rest day or an “active rest” workout, it is a planned in your programming that is designed to allow muscles to recover from stresses put on them from previous weeks. Recovery is not just the absence of training; it is a critical part of the training process!   Strength Workout (WOD) A. Push Press x 8 ( 65,70,75% 1 Rm) 20 sec Rest B. 8 Strict Toes to Bar 20 sec Rest C. 10 External Band Rotations 3 sets WOD 7min AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible) 7 Jump Squats 7 Erasers 7 Overhead Plate (45/25)]]>

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