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Ready to Be our Next Success Story?

No Guesswork ! All in 1 Program

How many times have you tried to get in “Summer” shape quickly but failed to do it? Even worse, how many times have you actually done it but had to STARVE yourself for weeks at a time while doing countless hours of boring cardio and ineffective workouts? Many times when you do this you end up feeling worse than you did before! Tired of figuring things out for yourself? Let us down all the legwork ! We just need you to A. Have a willingness to work B. Follow the programs directions C. Give 100% (Whatever your 100% is) Let us take you through our field tested system of Body Composition Change !

The DETAILS Of The Summer Slim Down Program:

  • 5 Hours of Personal Training
  • Our Easy-To-Follow Tailor Made Nutrition Guidance Plan
  • State of the Art InBody Scan (BF%) so we know 100% for sure how to meet your needs
  • Success Manual (PDF)
  • Initial Assessment and Follow-Up Assessments Along The Way
  • Fun, Healthy Recipes To Fit Your Lifestyle
  • Daily Motivation and Support from Our Team of Trainers
  • A program tailored to your individual goals Normally $450 Special Until 3/31 : $389 [inbound_button font_size=”20″ color=”#c8232b” text_color=”#ffffff” icon=”” url=”” width=”” target=”_self”]Only taking 5 Participants [/inbound_button]

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