Single Leg Deadlifts and 400m Run

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Single Leg Deadlifts and 400m Run

single leg deadlift When done properly, the single leg deadlift can be loaded up to truly impressive amount of weight, that which lifting will require an impressive blend of strength, balance, and athleticism. Athleticism? Yes athleticism. Think about what stance most sports assume; either single leg or split stance—that is, one hip in flexion and one in extension. Own this position under load and you will become instantly more athletic. Run faster, jump higher, hit harder. When it comes to kettlebell training the posterior chain has one obvious ballistic movement: The Swing. I don’t need to convince you all of the benefits of the swing, but we should recognize that is has its limitations in posterior chain strength. If swings are power work for the posterior chain, then single leg deadlifts are the strength work. These two moves, used concurrently, will yield massive strength, athleticism, and improve your overall movement quality. Quick tips on how to perform the exercise:

  • Set up with the weight as close to your midfoot as possible.
  • Reach the free leg up and back and make your spine long
  • Maintain a straight line from your crown to your free foot throughout the exercise
  • The standing leg should bend at the bottom, straighten at the top (just like a swing)
  • Go Heavy! Strength Workout (SWOD) A1. 4 x 8 Single Leg Deadlift A2. 3 x 10 External Band Rotations Workout of the Day (WOD) 5 Rounds for Time 10 High Pulls from the Hang (135/95) or 75% of Hang Clean 1RM 7 Ab Wheels 400m Run high pull galveston crossfit
  • Ab wheel at CrossFit Tidal Wave ab wheel 2

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