Snatch Balance and Squat Cleans

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Snatch Balance and Squat Cleans

Strength WOD 4 x 3 Snatch Balance (Heaving)

Snatch Balance at Galvestons CrossFit Tidal Wave

The snatch balance teaches you to explosively and actively drop under the bar without having to focus on the pulls portions of the lift. Snatch Balance Tips:
  • A. Brace before you dip and drop under.  Say tight throughout the lift until you stand back up.
  • B. Keep your hands relaxed so you can press under faster.
  • C. Focus on dropping under the bar as opposed to pressing the bar up.
  • D. Try to receive the bar at the point at which the bar is weightless.  No Wiley Coyote drops!
  • E. Go only as low as you can maintain shoulder stability and position.
WOD (Workout of the day) 4 Rounds for Time 5 Squat Cleans (135/95) 20 Jump Squats 15 ErasersCrossfit in Galveston Front Squat CrossFit Tidal Wave

CrossFitTidalWave in Galveston TexasCommon Rack position problem: The rack is a rack – NOT A CATCH! Many times people will “catch” the bar, and it will land on them with a thud on the shoulder which I typically call the “Flop”. The key to the rack is to keep pressure on the bar at all times. The pull changes to a push as the bar passes the “Scarecrow arm” phase into the rack onto the shoulders (in between the clavicle and deltoid).  If the rack transition is smooth, the load will be absorbed by the legs and hips with the torso being stabilized.

This brings us into day 2 of our Maximal Strength Deload week. We are are loading things in a metabolic nature it allows the nervous to recover to start the 5/3/1 back over next week.


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