Split Kneeling Press and Lunges

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Split Kneeling Press and Lunges

split press First, with the trailing leg positioned appropriately, it’s a static hip flexor stretch that is even more effective because the athlete is cued to activate the same-side glutes and brace the core, so you’re effectively increasing stiffness at an adjacent joint to help “solidify” the newly acquired range of motion into hip extension.  Second, the core stability benefits occur in a number of contexts.  Because the load forces the athlete to resist extension, it serves as a great anterior core stability exercise.  And, because it’s loaded asymmetrically, it serves as a great lateral and rotary core stability exercise. Third, I like all asymmetrical-loaded upper-body strength exercises because they train thoracic mobility and dynamic stability of the scapula, which you simply don’t get on the same level with push-up variations and bilateral upper body exercises (although those categories do provide unique benefits in their own right). Strength Workout (SWOD) 3 x 6 Split Kneeling KB Press 3 x 5 Walking Inchworm CrossFit Tidal Wave Galveston Workout of the Day 120 Lunges (2 Count) EMOTM 5 Slam Balls  until you get 120 Lunges 10 minute Cut Off jump lunges]]>

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