Still Motivated? CrossFit in Galveston Tips

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Still Motivated? CrossFit in Galveston Tips

Competitions:  Competitions can be great community events that help to keep your love for the sport on fire and push your body to the limits.  Sign up and see what your are capable of.  Having something to train for has always gotten me off my ass. Video Yourself: I can’t tell you how many accidental “Before” photos or a short video of how you are moving will shed some light on where you stand.  Video a lift and watch yourself….what do you notice? Work on that constant refinement. Set Goals: A competition, a body fat%, a performance goal, whatever. Write it down and be accountable for it. Let as many people know as you can. Post it all over facebook. Then think daily “Is this action taking me closer or further away from my goal?” Make sure your goals are  multifaceted – Too often we set ourselves on a singular path (weight loss is probably the most classic example). Understand that you’re doing much more than improving your external appearance when you embark on a healthier journey. You’re giving yourself more energy and more confidence. Track your progress: Use several numerical indicators, pictures, and even some subjective measures to track your progress. The biggest paradigm to break is that the scale is the almighty indicator of success. Learn: Read up on your subject matter. Whatever you are interested in I assure you there is 500tera bytes dedicated to just that. Become an expert (only requires 10,000hrs of practice). As a side note…Stop reading bullshit! If it sucks, put it down! Scroll by. Life’s too short to put crap between your ears. Don’t hang around with losers: We have been over this before: you are who you spend time with. Think about it. You are an amalgam of the 5 people you spend the most time with (whether you like it or not). The bottom line is that fitness is a journey not a destination. You will make newbie gains and lose weight….then what happens when that slows down. The answer to that decides whether you reach your goals or not. ]]>

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