Take a Chance

It’s easy to get stuck from time to time. It may be the daily grind at work, commuter traffic as you come home or the same old, same old for dinner that you always have on hand. We all get ‘stuck’ in our lifestyle from time to time. But, we remain stuck because we don’t want to fail, lose out or run the risk of rejection. That’s why you need today—Take a Chance Day—to give yourself permission to say goodbye to what you know and walk straight towards the unknown.

Are you ready to shake some things up?

Do you want to boost your confidence and look amazing in the skin you’re in? Then prepare yourself…because when you learn to give yourself a chance by stepping out of your comfort zone (and truly take a chance on something new and different) you’ll find a new ‘you’ ready to take on those curveballs that come flying!

Read All About It…

When you feel stuck, consider those feelings of boredom and complacency the ‘nudge’ you need to move, to think differently and to change up what’s no longer working in your life. For example, if you’ve struggled to lose weight, poor eating habits may be to blame. Succeed by stepping up and loading up the veggies on your plate while passing on dessert (instead of pitying your slow metabolism or genetics.) Not feeling so great about the skin you’re in and desperate to look at yourself in the mirror while thinking, “I look sexy!”? Take a chance on yourself—and for yourself by stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking action. If you want toned arms, look into personal training sessions. If you want to be self-employed, start planning a different career path that will allow you to build a business of your own (something I took a HUGE chance on a few years back). The world is your weight room… exercise the parts of your life that you want to change.

All It Takes is One New Choice (in Order to Make Everything Change in Your Life!)

Spend today just doing one thing that scares you, intimidates you or makes you feel downright self-conscious. Hire a personal trainer or start a fitness program, or just start following a blog that will teach you about eating foods that will nourish you instead of bring you down. Are you lacking energy? To perform at your best (and live life at an optimal level) you need to treat your body right, first and foremost. It’s the cardinal rule. It’s the yellow brick road. It’s your golden ticket to a life you deserve to have—because if you’re not changing things up and stepping outside of your comfort zone from time to time, how can you expect anything else to change in your life? When you want to do anything—stop arriving to work late, biting your nails, eating processed foods, picking the ‘wrong’ romantic partner to be in a relationship with or sacrificing your daily exercise for TV watching instead, you have to take a chance. Otherwise, you’ll continue to produce the same results as you always have. It’s madness. In fact, it’s the definition of insanity—which is continuing to do the same thing while expecting different results. Fitness Galveston Go ahead. Take a chance. Make today the day you give yourself a chance and take a chance. Take just one step towards a healthier and happier life and guaranteed…everything else you want will begin to move towards you. Obstacles will plow out of your way. Opportunities will come into focus. When you step out of your comfort zone just a tiny bit, the body you want, the good health you seek, and even the ‘sexy you’ you want to bring back will all unfurl and come into fruition. Take a chance on yourself today…and then (out of habit) keep it going all year long.

Take a Chance, Get That Killer Body!

You didn’t hit your prime when you were 20 something and with your whole life ahead of you. It’s happening right here and right now. But, what’s to come is up to you. Your mind calls the shots, with your body being a representation of how you think, feel and act. Spend today (and every day that follows) choosing to take a chance on yourself first and foremost. Eat nutrient rich foods to boost brain power and lead you down that road less traveled (and a far more exciting journey to success!) Put your health as your top priority by scheduling your exercise as a non-negotiable appointment in your calendar. Keep moving throughout your day… Skip the elevator, and head right for those stairs in your office building. Or, walk to your local grocery store instead of driving there. Try out a new fitness program you’ve always wanted to try—but have been too scared to commit to until now. What you will find will surprise you, because once you step out of your comfort zone and take a chance on something new and unfamiliar, you may wonder what took you so long to get here! In honor of Take a Chance Day, begin by asking yourself:
  • What have I always wanted to try?”
  • What do I want to achieve?”
  • What changes in my life am I committed to?”
No matter how long it may take or how impossible it may seem to achieve, you deserve to give yourself the chance to find out what lies beyond. Take just one first step that’s different from your ‘usual’, and then keep going. This is your day—Take a Chance Day—so give it all you got. You’ll be amazed at what unfolds! ]]>

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