Top 10 Fitness Tips CrossFit

Top 10 Fitness Tips CrossFit galveston gym

  1. DEFINE YOUR PURPOSE.… Why do you want to get fit?
  2. SET GOALS…. Gives you direction and builds on your purpose.
  3. PLAN…. Failing to plan, is planning to fail. Plan and prepare your meals and workouts for the week. What gets scheduled gets done!!
  4. BACK TO THE BASICS…. Move your body everyday and eat whole foods by filling up on veggies, fruits, healthy fats and lean proteins.
  5. STOP TRYING…. Trying means you’re not committed. Commit to be fit. “Do or do not, there is no try.” – Yoda
  6. GET COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE…. This is where the magic happens.
  7. POWER OF LESS…. Focus on one habit at a time for an 80% chance of success. Add an additional habit and the success rate drops to 20%.
  8. CONSISTENCY IS KEY.… Be consistent with your diet and exercise routine. Every action either takes you closer to or further away from your goals.
  9. MAKE IT A HABIT.… Being fit is a way of life, not a quick fix to lose 10lbs for your beach vacation.
  10. ACCOUNTABILITY & SUPPORT…. Share your goals and plan with people in your life.
  11. STOP DEPRIVING YOURSELF…. Focus on putting good fuel into your body by ADDING in what you need and it will eventually push out what you don’t need.
  12. DUMP THE JUNK!… If it is in your house it will eventually be eaten. Get rid of the junk food!!
  13. BE THE EXAMPLE…. Be what you want to see in the world. If it’s a healthier family, it starts with you.

BOTTOM LINE: Living fit is a journey, not a destination.

Commit to live fit!! 

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