Weighted Push Ups + Running Clock

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Weighted Push Ups + Running Clock

ring push up Strength Workout (SWOD) A1. 4 x 5 Weighted Push Up A2. 4 x 8 Weighted Pull Ups

A few good tips to remember when executing a pushup:

  • Contract your glutes really hard – this relaxes your hip flexors and gets your pelvis into the proper position
  • Keep your elbows from splaying out too wide – keep them relatively tucked in along the side of your body
  • Have your feet together – this helps to maximize glute activation
  • Before starting the descent, lean forward so you are more “over top” of your hands with your shoulders
  • Drop your chest all the way to the ground
weighted push up Workout of the Day (WOD) 4min Running Clock 400m Run/450 Row 20/15 Ring Push Ups Max Rep Pull Ups 1min Rest 3 Rounds monica pull up]]>

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