What is Build a Beast ?

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What is Build a Beast ?

rip-1 Greetings All, I have been receiving a fair share of questions about our new Build a Beast program beginning Jan 9th. The Build a Beast program is designed for those looking to add muscle as well as improve their conditioning. Where this differs from regular CrossFit Classes:

  • CrossFit classes are normally 50/50 Strength and Conditioning. B.a.B. will be 40% Strength/ 30% Bodybuilding/ 30% Conditioning.
  • The program is not CrossFit style of programming but a 6 Week progressive program designed to build muscle as well as develop your raw strength.
  • There is not a HUGE amount of technical lifts. So there will not be Snatches or 3 Count pause cleans. Just bare bones lifts designed for power development.
  • We will not be spending time working on skills that are specialized in CrossFit. (ie: Kipping, Butterflying, High rep Box Jumps, etc).
The program will have both beginner and Inter/Adv programming available for all levels. You will have a coach in charge of you at all times. You will also be given nutritional guidance as well as supplementation advice to help you along your path. What a sample sessions looks like: (Note: yes there are plenty of Upper Body Days) will 1 Day 1 Warm Up for Movements of the Day   CrossFit Tidal Wave galveston A. 5×5 Bench Press B1. Db Flies 3 x 10 B2. Incline Hammer Curl 3 x 10 monica curl C1. Paralette Push Ups 3 x 20 C2. Fat Grip Barbell Curls 3 x 15 Finisher: Every Minute on the Minute 1 Sled Push for 50 Feet 8 mins Cool Down Correctives and Stretch We know this program works. We are only accepting 10 people so please only those willing to put in the work need apply. If you want to gain muscle, gain strength, all while getting leaner click below to claim your spot and begin the transformation today ! https://gymsingalveston.com/prices-for-crossfit-galveston-membership/]]>

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