Deadlift and Slamball Burpee

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Deadlift and Slamball Burpee

Strength WOD 5×3 Deadlift A2. 4 x 10 External Band Rotation   Today's WOD includes deadlifts  - Greer at CrossFit Tidal Wave Coaches Corner: External Rotation Concerns 1. In an external rotation variation, the resistance is actually greatest at the point (near maximal external rotation) where the athlete is weakest.  In other words, the band doesn’t ideally accommodate the strength curve.  This is a huge concern for me, as one of the biggest things I notice in athletes is that when training in a position of somewhat significant external rotation, they can’t “pick up” the resistance quickly enough. More on this later. 2. Most people simply overlook eccentric control.  This is something that is coachable, no doubt, but most people do band exercises for so many reps per set that the athlete can quickly lose focus and resort back to bad habits. WOD (workout of the day) 45 sec On/15 Off Slamball Burpee (50/25) Feet Anchored Sit Up 4 rounds each Reps for Score    ]]>

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