Max Push Press

Liz sumo at Crossfit Tidal Wave in Galveston Farmer's Carry as heavy as possible @XFitTidalWave in Galveston, TXMax Push Press with Sheldon @XFitTidalWave in Galveston, TX WOD (Workout of the day) 1min Max Dynamic Push Ups 100m Farmer’s Carry AHAP 1min Rest 4 Rounds A concern with the farmer’s walk is the waddle or shuffle gait that occurs as weights increase. Concurrent with this is hip adduction and internal rotation, which take a large amount of glute activity away from the carry, while at the same time allow the use of the TFL as a primary mover into hip flexion – the exact opposite of what we should be trying to encourage.   This robs a lifter of a fantastic core challenge, as time spent in a unilateral stance while controlling an appropriate load forces the obliques, quadratus lumborum, and hip abductors to be aggressively challenged while holding the pelvis and trunk in a bio mechanically correct position. Again, I appreciate the primary purpose of the exercise is as an awesome metabolic and stability challenge, but I believe both can be improved with a bit of tweaking. Offering an environmental constraint during a loaded carry is a great strategy to force the movement patterns I’m encouraging, similar to using training wheels on a kid’s bicycle.]]>

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