High Pulls and Slam Balls

Today’s WOD  High Pulls and Slam Balls SWOD A1. 3 x 3 High Pulls from Hang A2. 3 x 8 1 arm Band Rows   WOD 20-15-10 Slam Balls Slam Ball Rows Double Unders Double Under Tips

Sizing: Make sure your rope isn’t too big. Stand on the rope with both feet, and bring the handles up. They should just reach your arm pits. The shorter the rope, the more efficient you can be.
It’s all in the wrists! Keep your hands close to your hips, and a few inches in front of your body. Keep your shoulders loose and a bend in the elbow. Everything should be relaxed, and the power is coming from your forearm and wrists.
If you can’t get your hand positioning down, practice jumping backwards. Just singles is fine. You’ll see your hands go to a place right where they need to be, and your wrists do a lot of work. Now turn the rope back around and practice those double unders.
Get the rope going with a few singles before going into double unders. It’s just more fluid and it’s easier to slide into a double under rhythm if you’re already in the jumping rhythm.
Focus on a target on the horizon the whole time. Don’t look up, don’t look down. Don’t look at anything that is moving.
Practice singles and then doubles. Do 2 singles + 1 double and repeat. Single, single, double, single, single, double. Find a rhythm.

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