Bulgarian Split Squats and Thrusters

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Bulgarian Split Squats and Thrusters

 Bulgarian Split Squats and Thrusters Bulgarian Split Squat What Does It Do: Along with all the benefits mentioned above, I love this variation for two reasons. 1.  By holding the dumbbell in a Goblet fashion, there’s a (more) significant anti-flexion component to the exercise, and as such, it will encourage people into more thoracic extension, which is generally never a bad thing considering most people are a walking ball of flexion in the first place. 2.  In a sense, because the load is more anterior (and you’re not placing a barbell directly on your spine) you could make a case that there’s less compressive spinal loading. If that’s something that concerns you, this may be a more viable option. Key Coaching Cues: I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.  A few things, however: 1. Try to keep the knee of the standing leg in line with your second toe as you perform the exercise.  Many trainees tend to allow their knee to cave in during split squat variations (or any squat variation for that matter), and it’s important that you don’t allow this to happen. 2.  From a comfort standpoint – some may find it more prudent to place a half foam roller or maybe even a rolled up towel on top of the bench so that their foot stays in place or so they don’t crush their toes. 3.  From a mental cue standpoint, try to think to yourself, “chest up,” “chin tucked,” and to sit back and drive THROUGH THE HEEL!!!!! In other words:  don’t lean forward, stay as upright as possible, and try to prevent your weight from shifting into your forefoot while performing your reps. The brunt of your weight should be in your heel. 4.  Also, try to squeeze the glute of the trailing leg throughout. WOD 15-12-9 Thrusters (135/95) Burpees Bulgarian Split Squats and Thrusters Bulgarian Split Squats and Thrusters in Today's WOD. Galveston's CrossFit Tidal Wave ]]>

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