Windmills and a Chipper

Today’s WOD  Windmills and a Chipper SWOD 4×4 WindMill 4 x 30 sec Side Plank If you can’t go through a full range of motion initially, that’s fine.  Work through your functional range, and as your mobility improves, work to slowly increase range of motion. You can also get an idea of whether people want to load their hips as well.  It’s not just a mobility thing; people with weak hips generally don’t want to push into and load their hips on this exercise.  Again, work through their functional range to start, and look for asymetries between sides. Here are a few cues/tips that made a big difference for me:

  • Turn both toes to 45 degrees.
  • The leg on the side your holding the kettlebell should be kept straight.  This was a big issue for me before, as I was originally taught to bend this knee!
  • Lock your torso/lumbar spine into a neutral position.
  • Push into the hip, and think about lifting it up as well.
  • If you start to lose your back position, immediately stop and return to the starting position.
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